2 x 4 - eye test

'Of all the major muscles, the six that govern the movement of the eye are the most active and precise. Even when the body is at rest — even asleep! — the eye is in constant motion. So in honor of these most sportive of organs, Eye Test presents a visionary workout tape: An animation inspired by the abstract patterns and optical illusions utilized in eye exams, broadcast test patterns, color blindness tests and other objective measures of visual metrics.'

the intimate distance between the eye and the lens

brief: Space

With space being such a broad term, i focused on small and accessible spaces, thinking of spaces within the body. Then i discovered that since wearing glasses for the past year i have missed the space between the eye and the lens. How you feel restricted and blocked from your entire vision and senses. With this i produced photographic outcome, on emphasising the intimacy and preciousness of this important space.


Tiger (by: moritzaust)



“Two Sides of Personality” by Miki Takahashi

blowing out 100 tea lights

tea lights. patterns from the subconscious.